Security & Privacy

This user agreement regulates the order of collection, usage and disclosure by administration of web-site, personal information that can be confessed confidential or there is such on determination.


Handling, use of personal information

1.1. The information which has been stated in this agreement can be personalized (related to the certain person) and impersonalized (data about the visitor of web-site, got without attachment to the certain person).

1.2. The organization has the right for the next information:

- which has been received via electronic address;

- the information given by visitors during registration on a web-site, within the framework of the events, conducted by administration of web-site, questioning, forms of feed-back, filled in registration forms;

- technical information - data about the visitor’s internet provider, IP- address, PC, software descriptions etc;

- photo and video data got, within the framework of the conducted sport events.

1.3. Confidential information is the coded information kept in the database of the web-site, available just for the web site administration.

1.4. Personal information, voluntarily left in the general divisions of web-site, which is accessible to any other web-site user, is not found to be confidential.

1.5. An user or visitor agrees that administration of web-site can use their data for:

- clients’ support service;

- improvement of own services, maintenance of web-site and advertisement;

- informing about the news, events, actions;

- advertisement and other evidently-informative materials distribution.



2.1. Administration of web-site uses modern technologies for providing confidentiality of the personal data, data, got from the registration forms.

2.2. Handling, processing, use and storage of the information in accordance with the Law of Ukraine

2.3. Web site user or visitor gives the right for his personal information to be handled, processed and used for the purposes which have been stated here and in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

2.4. Web site administration should share the owned data on inquiry of law enforcement authorities and government institutions.


The final provisions

3.1. Visiting our web site or filling in the registration form you automatically accept our terms of service.

3.2. Web site administration works in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. Any claims, disputes will be solved in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

3.3. The administration is not responsible for any liabilities, losses, damages, arising out of

3.4. The terms of this Agreement can be changed by administration of web-site in the one-sided order.

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