Reglament Ukrman Triathlon

Registration rules are displayed on the REGISTRATION tab.
 The competition rules comply with the ITU (International Triathlon Union) regulations and the “Competition rules for long-distance triathlons”, approved by the Triathlon Federation of Ukraine of September 10, 2006.
 The Rules of the competition can be found on the RULES tab.
 The main purpose of the competition is to popularize sports in general and triathlon in particular, as well as a healthy lifestyle among residents of Ukraine and the Kharkiv region, to attract the general public to the sport.
 The general management of the preparation and conduct of the competition is provided by the Organizing Committee of the UKRMAN triathlon, with the assistance of local authorities and the Slobozhansky sports club "Stayer-Athlon"
All interested persons are invited to participate in the competition: amateurs and sportsmen aged 18-69 years, who are ready to overcome the distance due to their health and physical condition and have fulfilled the following requirements:
• on the day of launch, the actual age must be at least 18 years old
• completed their registration and paid the entry fee within the period specified in the Registration Rules
• signed the “Exclusion of liability” Agreement in the competition office on the eve of the start
The triathlon organizing committee UKRMAN recommends that participants have a valid health insurance policy covering medical expenses in the event of injury during a race.
To participate  Ukrman Triathlon and Ukrman ½ Triathlon, the qualification standard is not required while competing in other triathlons. Members do not have to be a member of any sports club / society.
Saturday, Jule 01, 2023
 Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Lozova district, village Belyaevka and its surroundings.
 The scheme of the route can be found on the page of the map of the route, the pre-launch briefing and the scheme that will be posted in the starting city.
 Ukrman Triathlon: swim - 3.8 km, bike - 180 km, run - 42.2 km
Ukrman ½ Triathlon: swim - 1.9 km, bike - 90 km, run - 21.1 km
Satellite starts
Ukrman Bike Marathon: 179 km cycling marathon
Ukrman Trail Marathon: 42.2 km run
Satellite starts are held for those who wish to "try themselves" in long-distance triathlon and get experience of participation on this route. The race at these distances will take place parallel to the main race at the distance of the iron Ukrman Triathlon.
The conditions for participation in Ukrman Bike / Trail Marathon can be found here >>
 Ukrman Triathlon (3.8 –180–42.2) - 8 people
Ukrman ½ Triathlon (1,9-90-21,1) - 7 people
Start at 7:30
 Closing the track at 1:30 am (next day).
 Time limit:
 Swimming - 2:30 hours
 Swimming + cycling - 11:30 hours
 The time limit for the passage of the entire distance - 18:00 hours
 Failure to follow the test time will result in immediate disqualification and termination of participation.
 Registration for Ukrman Triathlon and Ukrman ½ Triathlon will begin on May 1, 2023, will be made only through the competition site and will end 10 days before the start.
 The amount of the entry fee depends on the chosen distance, the time for submitting the application and the timeliness of payment.
 Registration Rules can be found on the REGISTRATION tab
 The Ukrman Triathlon and Ukrman ½ Triathlon do not have prize fund or a breakdown by age group.
Special commemorative prizes  awarded to all Ukrman Triathlon full distance finishers.
Each Ukrman Triathlon and Ukrman ½ Triathlon finisher will receive an exclusive finish medal
The program of the event is published on the tab GUIDE 
 Timing competitions will be made by the judging panel. The results of the race will be available immediately after the end of the competition.
 The panel of judges is formed by the Organizing Committee of the UKRMAN triathlon.
 The Appeals Jury will accept protests immediately after the race and will be formed from the team of Organizers, the Chief Judge and the Marshall Race.
 The composition of the commission and the jury will be announced at the pre-start briefing.
 The Main Judge - Panov Yevgen
 Very difficult conditions for the race. The organization of the race is not fair and very simple. But this start is very emotional and hospitable for all participants.
 The track on the cycle stage will not overlap for the movement of vehicles. The movement of vehicles on the triathlon track is low-intensity, on the main part of the distance - is absent altogether.
 The condition of the roadway in the area of ​​cycling is complex: in places there are long, flat sections, in some places pits and areas with difficult-to-pass "improved surface".
 The first three kilometers of the cycling distance from the reservoir is a rolled dirt road. In case of rainy weather, this section of the road can be problematic to overcome.
 The terrain on the cycle and running distance is hilly. Partly protracted climbs, steep slides and descents. Possible walking of domestic animals on the track (cows, poultry).
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