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Історія агентства спортивного менеджменту YEvents Pro веде свій початок з осені 2003 року, коли групою ентузіастів зі спортклубу «Стаєр-Атлон» був організований перший легкоатлетичний пробіг «Біг для всіх». Цей захід своєю відкритістю, душевністю і святковістю відразу ж припав до душі простим любителям здорового та активного способу життя. З тих пір теплота та душевність є візитною карткою всіх спортивних заходів, що проводяться менеджерами агентства YEvents Pro. За довгі роки менежерами агентства було проведено понад сотні спортивно-масових заходів різного масштабу. Ряд стартів які започатковані менеджерами YEvents Pro є унікальними за своєю формою і задають тренд у розвитку масового спорту для любителів.

Slobozhansky Sports Club "Stayer-Athlon" - was established in 2002 by amateur athletes from the city of Pervomaysky and Lozova district of the Kharkiv region with the aim of uniting the like-minded people for the development and popularization of a healthy lifestyle

Why Belyaevka?

Because living here triathletes ready, able and have experience in organizing such a difficult competition. In Belyaevka since 2004 carried Slobozhanskiy duathlon. In Belyaevka was born the idea Half-Iron triathlon "Slovyanska Hvilya", which is annually held since 2007 in Pereyaslav. The first time triathlon in the Lozova District of the Kharkiv region was held August 13, 1988. In Ukraine, a lot of places with much better conditions, roads and reservoirs. But in the "best" places not found triathletes who want to take responsibility for organizing and holding such a start.

The concept of Ukrman Triathlon At this time, fans of triathlon Ukraine, for the realization of the dream (to pass the Iron-Distance) small selection: - To save money and go to act on expensive "refined" Iron starts in EU and others; - Not being able to start within the country, gradually lower its Iron-Distance and the potential to form available Half-Iron and short starts. For going to work and keep the accumulated form, waiting in Ukraine will find a place, means and enthusiasts organizers for any IRONMAN - stupid and hopeless. And not the fact that if this happens in the next few years, the participation in it will be cheaper than in the corresponding startup abroad; - Pass the Iron-Distance in those conditions that we have.To - swim in the usual Ukrainian pond, biking through the usual Ukrainian road with conventional wells, run a marathon on ordinary roads. In this case, use the standard and available equipment and sports equipment.

Agree, for example, it's silly to expect a "gift of fate" in a marathon in Ukraine for a thousand runners and certified track, while you can easily satisfy your itch for a marathon any suitable route with the minimum number of participants. From small events began the history of the largest marathons in the world. Therefore, it becomes unreasonable expectation in Ukraine Iron start immediately the European class. Natural path of evolution while nobody canceled. Knowing the average Ukrainian conditions, we can safely say: any Iron-Distance triathlon, passed within Ukraine - steeper than any glamorous, "refined" and certified variant IRONMAN. Therefore, the title UKRMAN (Iron Man Ukraine) won on a rural version of the Iron-Distance triathlon, no options - steeper title IRONMAN 


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