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Registration Rules of Ukrman Triathlon ...


Registration Rules of Ukrman Triathlon

Important! Before starting the registration procedure, you must carefully study all sections of these Rules.

Before participating in this event, each participant must agree with:

- Regulations and Rules of the  Ukrman Triathlon

 - Agreement "DISCLAIMER FORM "

 - Registration Rules 


Saturday, Jule 3, 2021



 Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Lozova district, Belyaevka town and surrounding villages.

You can see the course map on the Course Map tab., the pre-start briefing and the scheme that will be posted in the starting town.



 Ukrman Triathlon:  swim - 3,8 km, bike - 180 km, run - 42,2 km

Ukrman ½ Triathlon: swim - 1.9 km, bike - 90 km, run - 21.1 km



Distance Ukrman Triathlon (3,8 -180-42,2) - 8 people

Distance Ukrman ½ Triathlon (1,9-90-21,1) - 7 people



- there are no special registration conditions for elite participants and VIPs.

- in case of cancellation of the event, the Ukrman Triathlon Organizing Committee assumes no responsibility for any costs incurred by the participants as a result of cancellation, including travel or accommodation costs.

- registered participants in an individual race do not have the right to transfer / sell their application (the right to participate) to anyone else. The organizer reserves the right to reject the application, if it is deemed expedient.

- all risks associated with participation in the triathlon are entirely on the participant and the Ukrman Triathlon Organizational Committee is not responsible for death, injury, loss or damage resulting from participation in the triathlon

- Ukrman Triathlon Organizing Committee reserves the right to detain, postpone, cancel or change the official race schedule in the event of unfavorable weather conditions. The definition of what constitutes unfavorable weather conditions is intended exclusively for the Ukrman Triathlon Organizing Committee

- Everyone is invited to participate in the competition: amateurs and athletes aged 18 to 69 years, ready for health and physical fitness to overcome the distance.

Participants must have a valid health insurance policy covering the costs of treatment, in the event of injury during the race

- registration for triathlon is made ONLY through the official site of the competition.

- you will see the application form on the next page



Registration for the triathlon is open from April 1, 2021 at 8:00 pm (Kiev time) and closes on June 23, 2021 at 22:00 (Kiev time), or will end when the start protocol is completed.



The registration procedure includes:

1) filling in and sending the registration form

2) payment of the start fee

3) inclusion in the start list (protocol)

The name of the submitter is entered into the start protocol only after the organizers will accept the starting fee from him.



After sending the completed Registration Form, each Applicant  will be sent an Invoice with an acknowledgment of receipt of the application, the specified amount of the starting fee and the instruction for payment.

The terms indicated in the Invoice are valid within 2 calendar days from the date of the sending of the letter to you.

Upon expiration of this deadline, if you have not paid the down payment, your name will be deleted from the waiting list and you will need to go through the application procedure again.

Attention! Sometimes registration confirmation letters fall into the SPAM folder. Check out all folders!



If a participant wishes to cancel his registration, the cancellation notice must be sent to the reg(at) The procedure for returning the entry fee:



till 30.04.2021


1.05.2020 - 31.05.2021


after 01.06.2021




The Ukrman Triathlon Organizing Committee does not approve the practice of transferring / selling to third parties its application (the right to participate) by registered participants in an individual race and does not participate in this process.

Any change in personal data in the Start Protocol, after the registration procedure is completed, entails the collection of a fee of UAH 200 per person.



The amount of the entry fee depends on the deadline for filing an application and the payment terms.




Ukrman Triathlon

Ukrman ½ Triathlon

Early bird

till 20.04.2021



from  21.04.2021  till 31.05.2021



from  01.06.2021  till 23.06.2021




 Ukrman Triathlon (3,8 - 180 - 42,2)

Start fee includes:

- individual timekeeping and race support

- starting backpack, bags for transit zones

- BIB number, number for bike

- swimming cap

- a memorable gift with the logo Ukrman Triathlon and sponsor gifts

- meals at the distance and finish

- t-shirt finisher

- finisher medal, metal finisher certificate 


Ukrman ½ Triathlon (1,9 - 90 -21,1)

Start fee includes:

- individual timekeeping and race support

- starting backpack, bags for transit zones

- BIB number and number for bike

- swimming cap

- a memorable gift with the logo Ukrman Triathlon and sponsor gift

- meals at the distance and finish

- t-shirt finisher

- finisher medal

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